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15 minute meditation

$5 | Free for members

Maybe you’ve heard about many of the benefits of meditation – how it helps to reduce stress, improve our health and relationships and essentially improve all our good qualities. But how do I start? The actual function of meditation is to give rise to mental peace. When our mind is peaceful, we’re happy, calm and clear – regardless of the external situation. Experience the benefits of cultivating inner peace in this 15-minute guided meditation.

What is the Mind of Enlightenment?

$5 | Free for members

Enjoy this 20-minute guided meditation and learn about the incredible mind of enlightenment, which is the highest potential that we all possess. Allow this meditation to help you let go of limited views of yourself and infuse your mind with power and joy, understanding the heights we can reach by simply practicing training the mind.

The Power of Dedication

$8 | Free for members

Take a break from your busy day and allow yourself to experience a peaceful mind. This 30 minute meditation is guided and is perfect for everyone. Learn about the power of dedication practice to protect the insights and peace that you generate in your meditation practice. “Dedicate your virtues day and night and always watch your mind.” – Advice from Atisha’s Heart

How to Deal with Praise and Criticism

$12 | Free for members

Why is our life like a rollercoaster ride, experiencing ups and downs without choice? We are all just trying to find some happiness and avoid pain and suffering, yet frustration and worry seem to fill our day without invitation. In this hour and fifteen minute class, we will learn to recognize how our attachment to praise and our aversion to criticism actually cause us pain, anxiety and disappointment. By learning to access and experience our own source of inner peace, we will find a deep, stable happiness that cannot be disturbed by external conditions.