Saturday, November 7 | 10:00 – 10:45am

If we’re honest, life can be quite challenging. Things don’t always go the way we want them to and people often don’t do what we want them to do. If we are depending upon external situations and others to make us happy, we will often find ourselves quite vulnerable, dealing with great disappointment, discouragement, grief and anger. 

How can find and maintain inner strength that is stable and unwavering? How can we find deep inner protection when everything is going wrong around us?

Meditation allows us to access that inner strength. The purpose of meditation is to make the mind peaceful and calm. When our mind is peaceful, we are content, regardless of the external situation. 

In this class, we will gain actual experience in connecting with our own limitless potential for inner peace, for clarity, for inner strength.

Course Cost

$10 Course Fee | No cost for OKBC Full & Benefactor Members
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No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact Melissa at or 860.883.5675 if you need to make payment arrangements.

Course Format

  • Introduction and guided meditation
  • Brief advice for accessing our own inner peace
  • Concluding guided meditation

48-hour access

For registrants unable to attend the course in real-time, the recording will be available for 48-hours after the course.

With Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Khyenwang

Gen Khyenwang is Resident Teacher of Odiyana Kadampa Buddhist Center. She is a close disciple and student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has been practicing and teaching under his guidance for many years. The teachings she shares are clear, heartfelt and extremely practical for modern life.

Gen Khyenwang is an inspiring example of a contemporary Buddhist practitioner and is known for her warmth and sincerity, putting time-tested teachings into practice in daily life. In addition to teaching drop-in classesspecial events, and guiding retreats, Gen Khyenwang also teaches weekly study programs (Foundation Program and Teacher Training Program), and outreach programs.