Livestreamed classes, meditations, retreats, chanted prayers and more.

Classes and Guided Meditations

Classes range from brief, guided meditations to longer classes including practical teachings on how to incorporate meditation and Buddhist practices into daily life.

Retreats and Courses

Refresh your mind through meditation. Whether you’re a beginner or someone wishing to go deeper with your practice, discover how these courses and retreats can help you enjoy the peace of your own mind.

Chanted Prayers

Chanted meditations or prayers, known as ‘pujas,’ are special methods for purifying negativity, accumulating merit and receiving blessings. They helps us to develop and maintain a positive mind, and are a powerful preparation for meditation.


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Enjoy quick and easy access to streaming content as an Odiyana Kadampa Buddhist Center member, while helping the center maintain a strong foundation in order to serve the local community.


Additional Resources

Find the texts and sadhanas referenced during classes, including audio books and podcasts.

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Deepen Your Practice

If you have been attending and enjoying drop-in classes and would like to deepen your study and practice of meditation, consider joining one of the Foundation Program (FP) study classes.

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Odiyana is run entirely by volunteers and is able to offer classes, teachings, study programs through membership and donations. Your gift, of any amount, will help to create the cause for many others to receive teachings to learn how to maintain peace of mind.

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