The Power of Prayer

Sunday, November 19, 5-7pm

With Resident Teacher, Kelsang Khyenwang

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Discover the power and the benefit of prayer within your own mind
Of all our actions of body, speech and mind, our mental action is the most powerful. By gaining awareness of the quality and intention of our thoughts and wishes, we can begin to choose powerful, positive mental paths that necessarily lead to experiences of peace, joy, and eventually the wisdom and compassion we need in order to help others.

In this class, learn about the practice of prayer – what it is, how it functions and how we can incorporate prayer into our daily life. After the teaching, we will engage in brief chanted prayers of compassion (in English) to put our wishes into practice.

There is no cost to this class. Everyone is welcome. If you’d like to, please bring a vegetarian food item or non-alcoholic drink to share with others.

Held at Odiyana Center
36 Main Street, East Hartford, CT.
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For more information email or call 860-266-6041.