Foundation Program

Please contact our Education Program Coordinator in advance if you are interested in attending Foundation Program ( / 203-317-8918)

If you have been enjoying and finding benefit in the General Program or drop-in (GP) classes for a while and have an interest to go deeper, Foundation Program (FP) could be for you.

The Foundation Program is a wonderful opportunity for deeper study and practice of Buddha’s teachings in the modern world. Through commitment to study and contemplation, engaging in meditations and group discussions, students increase their wisdom, compassion and meditation experience. They develop warm spiritual friendships, sharing insights and experiences on the spiritual path.

There will be two study programs beginning soon. Both classes are taught by Resident Teacher, Kelsang Khyenwang, who has been teaching and practicing Buddhism for many years.

1.  The New Eight Steps to Happiness, which meets Thursdays weekly, 6:15-8:30pm. (Begins 8/31)

2.  How to Understand the Mind, which meets Mondays weekly, 6-9pm and one Sunday a month, 5-8pm (Begins 9/11)

If you’d like more information on foundation program classes, please contact the Education Program Coodinator: or call  203-317-8918