Spring 2017 Class Schedule

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10:30am-noon General Program (East Hartford)
10:30am-noon Meditation for Kids (Monthly) (East Hartford)
5-6pm Group Prayers: Wishfulfilling Jewel (East Hartford)
6:15-8:15pm Foundation Program (East Hartford)


5:45-6:30pm Group Prayers: Heart Jewel (East Hartford)
7-8pm General Program (East Hartford)


7-8am Group Prayers: Dakini Yoga (East Hartford)**
7-8pm General Program (Unionville)


12:15-1pm General Program (Hartford)
5:15-6:15pm Group Prayers: Dakini Yoga (East Hartford)**
6:30-8:30pm Foundation Program (East Hartford)


7-8:30am Group Prayers: Quick Path to Great Bliss (East Hartford)**
10-11am General Program (East Hartford)
5-6pm Group Prayers: Heart Jewel and Prostrations (East Hartford)
6:30-8:30pm Foundation Program (East Hartford)
6:30-8pm General Program (Branford) *New Time*


12:15-1pm General Program (Manchester)
Various Times Courses/Retreats


Various Times Courses/Retreats

* Please contact our Education Program Coordinator in advance if you are interested in attending Foundation Program (epc@odiyana.org). 
** Must have Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment to attend.

For more information on classes call 860-266-6041 or email info@odiyana.org