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Classes at the Center

Classes at Other Locations

What to Expect at a Class

Drop-in classes, or general program classes, do not require pre-registration and are open to everyone. These classes are suitable for someone just beginning to meditate or someone who has many years of experience. Each class begins with a brief introduction of the topic followed by a guided meditation to help let go of distractions and allow ourselves to experience a more settled, peaceful mind. At that point, the teacher will share practical advice from Buddha’s teachings that can easily be applied to solve the problems we encounter in daily life. After listening, there is time to meditate on the advice, bringing into the contemplation our own experiences and insights so that we become more and more familiar with positive, healthy ways of engaging in daily experiences. In most classes, there is time for brief partner discussion and then Q & A.  After class, you are welcome to stay for refreshments and conversation with the teacher and others.