How does Foundation program fulfill both our own and others’ wishes?
“By increasing our wisdom and Dharma experience we will gradually solve all our problems and eventually we will achieve the ultimate happiness of full enlightenment, the bliss of Buddhahood. This is how the Foundation Program can fulfill our own wishes. If we increase our wisdom and Dharma experience we can give teachings and spiritual advice to others and set a good example for them to follow.”
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche – excerpt from the inauguration of Foundation Program at Tara Center, England, 1990

What is Foundation Program?

If you have been attending and enjoying drop-in classes at Odiyana Kadampa Buddhist Center (OKBC) or at its branch classes and would like to deepen your study and practice of meditation, you may want to consider joining one of our Foundation Program (FP) study classes.
The Foundation Program is a wonderful opportunity for deeper study and practice of Buddha’s teachings in the modern world. Through study and contemplation, engaging in meditations and group discussions, students increase their wisdom, compassion and meditation experience. They develop warm spiritual friendships, sharing insights and experiences on the spiritual path.

What is the structure?
Foundation Program (FP) is a structured program where students make the commitment to study a particular text by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (or part of a text), to attend weekly class, to prepare the few pages that will be studied each week, and to take an exam at the conclusion of that text or part of the text. On the FP, students engage in the systematic study of key Buddhist texts in order to gain a deep and lasting understanding and experience of the spiritual path, as well as authentic confidence as a meditator and practitioner.

How does it work?
The secret of the Foundation Program’s success lies in the manageable commitment made by the student and in the clear structure of study. Students sign up to study a book or part of a book, agree to attend every class, learn the material and take an exam at the conclusion of the study.

Regular attendance is very important. This ongoing, committed aspect of the class creates a real sense of community and helps nourish and support the spiritual life of everyone in the class. If for a suitable reason a student is not able to attend the class in person, he or she agrees to catch up by listening to the class recording and writing up a summary before the next class.

What happens in a class?
Prior to class, students study an assigned portion of the text, usually a few pages long, and memorize the essential points. The class begins with preliminary prayers and guided meditation. The teacher then reads the assigned selection from the book while giving commentary to the text. The students then divide into pairs to discuss the material, formulate a conclusion to the text and decide on a weekly practice for daily life. The students share their conclusions and ideas for practice, as well as any questions that arose from the discussion.

What books are studied?

The program comprises the following five subjects, based on Buddha’s Sutra teachings and the corresponding commentaries by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

The Teacher
Foundation Programs are taught by Kelsang Khyenwang, the Resident Teacher at Odiyana Kadampa Buddhist Center. She has been practicing and studying Buddhism for many years and is known for her clear and practical presentations of Buddha’s teachings.

*Please contact our Education Program Coordinator in advance if you would like more information about this in-depth study program.( / 860-416-7119)*
Foundation Program is currently studying The New Eight Steps to Happiness and will be completing this text in the fall. Stay tuned for details on the new book to be studied.

1. Thursday Evenings (6:15-8:45pm) and one Sunday monthly (5 -7:45pm) at Odiyana KBC.

What is the cost?
Foundation Program students become monthly members (at least the $60 monthly level). All General Program (or drop-in) classes, day courses (with the exception of a few special events a year) are included with this membership. Membership allows for financial stability for the center, so that it can continue to offer classes for countless others in the community. Odiyana is a non-profit organization and completely volunteer run and relies on donations and membership to function.

Please see the membership page on our website for more details.To find out more about the Foundation Program and how to apply for this in-depth study program, contact the Education Program Coordinator at or 860-416-7119.