10:30 am – noon
Sunday morning meditations

We all know that happiness is a state of mind. When the mind is peaceful, we are happy. When that peace of mind disappears, so does our happiness. How can we practice in daily life so that we can continue to create the positive experiences we want now and in the future? What kinds of thoughts, intentions and actions do “really happy people” have?

In this series, we will explore the obstacles to pure dharma practice and recognize that by removing these mental obstacles, we can experience a sense of freedom, strength and confidence in our daily life. By developing a deep inner stability of wisdom that can’t be moved by the changing conditions in daily life, we will stop getting caught up in the transient, temporary appearances and will focus on our goals, both temporary and ultimate, with a happy mind alone.

Topics may include:
July 7 – The world of resources and respect
July 14 – The pleasures of this life
July 21 – What is a good reputation?
July 28 – Dealing with praise and blame – (Prayers for World Peace)
August 4 – Class break
August 11 – The wisdom of impermanence
August 18 – What is refuge?
August 25 – The Supreme Good Heart

$12 per class|Free for Supporting Members.

Special Monthly Class: Prayers for World Peace (by donation)

Meditation for Kids held at the same time.

Resuming in Fall – Sept. 22 | Oct. 27 | Nov. 24 | Dec. 22

Feel empowered to change yourself and change the world through the power of mental action. This monthly class includes a guided meditation, a short teaching and beautiful chanted prayers for world peace. The focus is on solutions to problems in daily life, authentic optimism and the development of altruistic love and compassion.

Classes Held at Odiyana Center
36 Main Street, East Hartford
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For more information, email info@odiyana.org or call 860-266-6041.

*Accessible entrance located in the rear of the building.  Please contact the Center in advance of attending a class if you require the use of this entrance:  info@odiyana.org / 860-266-6041.